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Phoodio Client Work & Case Study



We created a 2 sided flyer and vinyl banner in addition to a Pop Up Banner initially for the Phoodio Launch Party but all the items became quite useful for a number of different trade events including a Food Truck Symposium that the City of Denver puts on annually and a trade event put on by Colorado Truckie, another client. The signage created really gave the Phoodio table a consistent look and told a great brand story at the Symposium. 

Pint Glass & Coasters


The creation of 2500 2 sided coasters and 36 Pint Glasses were something new and different for Phoodio. The coasters were distributed to breweries in Colorado and used at Trade Shows to provide brand awareness to both app users and truck owners.

The Pint Glasses were created for door prizes for the Phoodio Launch Party and as part of special hand created Press Kits that were delivered to a variety of local Denver magazines as an incentive to come to the Launch Party that we held in February.

Animated Banners


These web banners ran on 

during the month of January. gave Phoodio the opportunity to advertise on a National Level directly to Food Truck Owners, where they go for industry news.


"Lisa has been an immense help to me. I quickly realized that there were things I could not get done on my own and Lisa helped push me to do the things that I have been putting off. She has been instrumental in getting promotional material for clients and events. I would never have known how to navigate the press inquiries, bleed lines, and Pantone colors, among other things, without her help. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for help with their marketing and print efforts!"

Website Case Study

As both the Jewelry Designer, and the customer needing this website I was an integral part of ensuring the site had a brand look and feel that resonated with both me and my clientele. I spent a lot of time working as both the "Brain Chid" or rather Photo Stylist if you will for each photo represented on my site.

Additionally I acted as a Model for my own site and Talent Scout to hire all the additional models to be represented. I also chose all of the wardrobe for the site as part of the stylizing process. I Worked and collaborated with two well known Atlanta Photographers who took all of the photos seen on the site.


Iain Bagwell 

Parlee Teague of Studio Chambers

Additionally I acted as the Copywriter for the site. 

All the copy you see on the site was written and edited by me.

And finally the brand identity, both the colors, the fonts, the template, and the format was while Designed by the team at dragoon studios (Jason Driver and Stefanay Allen) in Atlanta, GA, I collaborated with them every step of the way, and guided them as to what would best represent me, and my brand. 

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