Rob Toftness, Founder PHOODIO

"Lisa has been an immense help to me. I quickly realized that there were things I could not get done on my own and Lisa helped push me to do the things that I have been putting off. She has been instrumental in getting promotional material for clients and events. I would never have known how to navigate the press inquiries, bleed lines, and Pantone colors, among other things, without her help. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for help with their marketing and print efforts!"

Annie Contractor, Founder WorkPlace Equity Partners

"I have known Lisa as a fellow entrepreneur and thank goodness I did - she stepped in right when I needed her to get all of my printing needs met for an expo. Let me be clear: if Lisa hadn't offered her help, I simply wouldn't have been put together. She helped me choose the right print items based on her deep experience, she knew which vendors could deliver them in the short timeframe I had available, and she even knew the designers who could take my print materials from novice-level to slick. Lisa kept everything running on time, she checked in regularly to make sure I saw requests for files, and even tracked my package while it was being shipped. Lisa did it all - I highly recommend her if you need help getting print materials designed, coordinated, and printed for any reason."

Eric Bartosz, US Director of Business Development at Contra Vision

"Lisa is a pleasure to work with as she is a skilled project manager who combines a broad product knowledge with a solid understanding of the print and production workflow. If the saying is true that "the best client is an informed client" than Lisa is indeed the best! Lisa does an excellent job of taking the initiative in learning about industry trends and new product innovations as it relates to best utilization of vendors capabilities for the particular project underway. Lisa would be an asset to any organization looking for a skilled and capable production specialist/project manager dedicated to getting the job done right!" 

Tim Ericson, Team Manager Makeup Brands at Coloredge

"Lisa is the type of project manager that every marketing department wants. She is not only exceptionally detail oriented, but she also understands the underlying marketing reasons for projects. That understanding allows Lisa to ask probing questions, and follow up on the important details that are needed to complete projects accurately and on time. Lisa is highly reliable, and can always be counted on to be present, prepared, and ready to take the lead."

Thelo Aiken, Digital Media Professional

"Persistence, drive, and conscientiousness are a few of the qualities that come to mind when reflecting on my time working with Lisa. She puts her best into all that she takes on and is consistently a strong contributor to her team."

Kaj (Johansson) Säf

"I had the pleasure of working with Lisa for 3 years. She is an ambitious Project Manager with the ability to juggle multipleMarketing projects in several languages simultaneously. She isa very thorough planner, always on top of project details and she always deliver on time."